Mission Statement

FEC was created in 1952 to defend the interests of the European Cookware, Cutlery, Flatware and Hollowware manufacturers.

It promotes co-operation between members, gives help and supports on economic and technical improvements, works to the definition of technical standards and officially represents the common interests of its members before the international authorities and particularly to the European Commission in Brussels.

FEC’s major fields of work are

• Supporting the development of international standards relevant for the group of products.

• Representing the industry in European committees, where legal aspects of the products are involved: food contact, chemical legislation, packaging, customs, etc.

• Serving as a platform to join individual companies’ interests in common projects: EU funded research, organizing fairs, etc.

Directors Committee


FEC Agenda

  1. Answering members’ questions and making intra & extra Industry relationships easier
  2. Representing its members to the international authorities and particularly those from the European Union
  3. Organizing annual Convention
  4. Holding a quarterly Directors’ Committee meeting deciding on actual and future tasks and common projects attending professional interests protection and corresponding budget
  5. Providing circular notes and quarterly technical ‘Information Letter’ to its members to inform them about what is going on in Europe and in other countries in terms of legislation
  6. Easing harmonization regarding quality and standardization of products in each sector
  7. Promoting industry related Research & Development programs