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  • We are very pleased about the high interest in the FEC Business Days we held from 22nd to 24th of November in Strasbourg. More than 60 FEC members and guests followed important topics on our industry and were inspired by insights into retail, artificial intelligence, energy or the political situation in the European Union. A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL SPEAKERS AND EVERYBODY INVOLVED!
    Every year in different places, FEC organizes this event, which is a fantastic opportunity to meet colleagues, friends and new members. Our wide-ranging program with many top speakers offered deep insights into food contact and sustainability topics as well as into market and innovation trends.
    The popular expert for AI and podcaster Christoph Holz presented the “THE COMPLEX AND EXCITING WORLD OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE” with its future impact on our professional and private lives.
    Florian Berger, a creative product pioneer and well-known keynote speaker, took us on “A JOURNEY THROUGH DIFFERENT STORE CONCEPTS” in his presentation about exciting brands, retailers and innovative ideas from around the world!
    On a more technical level we discussed the “FUTURE OF ENERGY SUPPLY” and the latest “PTFE INCINERATION STUDY“.
    As part of a breakout session, we also learn about the latest testing and certification methods for “SAFE AND SHARP KNIVES”. And after a very busy year, our Food-Contact and Sustainability Expert teams presented the broad spectrum of their current and future work.
    Our Business Days were rounded off by a cultural and culinary program in the charming city of Strasbourg.