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It was great to meet many FEC members at the Inspired Home Show 2024 (March 17 to 19) and a good opportunity to strengthen FEC´s collaboration with the US Cookware & Bakeware Alliance (CBA).
PFAS is a hot topic, and the cookware industry is often seen as an important part of PFAS regulation. While Europe is working on the revision of the proposed PFAS regulation, the regulatory landscape in the US is getting increasingly difficult.
Fran Groesbeck, Managing Director of the Cookware & Bakeware Alliance, Tom Lee, partner of the law firm Brian Cave Leighton Paisner and Tobias Gerfin, Vice-President of FEC, gave an update on the regulatory PFAS situation at IHS.
Fran presented the latest work of CBA including three very helpful educational documents on PFAS written by the experts of CBA, whereas Tom explained the reporting requirements on PFAS based on TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act) rules.
Tobias pointed out that precise wording is key in complicated issues. In the news it is very often written that PFAS are highly toxic. However, using the example of PTFE, a fluoropolymer that is non-toxic according to current scientific knowledge, this statement is wrong. Only some PFAS are toxic and PTFE, used for coatings of cookware, is not!
The work of the Risk Assessment Committee (RAC) and of the Socio-Economic Assessment Committee (SEAC) of the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) will need more time to revise the PFAS restriction regulations. Based on latest estimates of FEC, no restrictions will be in effect until Q4 2027.
Here’s the HomePage News article on the PFAS Presentation from the IHA Show in Chicago: