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  • A few days before Christmas the Italian world of food contact met on December 19th and 20th in Milano.
    The event -organized by the Italian Packaging Institute- started on the first day with presentations from laboratories, universities and industry on analytical methods, digital compliance documents, compliance of recycled plastics and gave an interesting insight on the problematic of microplastics for human health.
    Gernot Strehl from FEC informed about the current status of the universal PFAS restriction proposal with a special focus on PTFE non-stick coated cookware and bakeware.
    On the second day the Italian Institue of Health (ISS) reported about the latest developments for all types of materials in food contact and the status of the ongoing discussion on the refurbishment of the food contact framework regulation. It becomes more and more obvious that process control will become a corner stone for compliance in the future.
    Last but not least the ISS informed about the official approach of the Italian government, how to deal with metalic food contact articles, when they want to cross the border to Italy.
    We look forward to continuing our joint work and conference contricutions in 2024! Stay tuned…