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Federation of the European Cookware,
Cutlery & Houseware Industries

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  • One voiceWe are representing our members‘ interests to national and European authorities.
  • SimplificationWe are supporting harmonization related to European or global regulations.
  • Joining forcesWe are collaborating with other stakeholders on specific topics.
  • Connection to the worldWe are working hand in hand with other associations in Europe, the US or Asia.
  • Know how / insightsWe are sharing industry related research and development programs.
  • AnswersWe support our members by giving feedback to specific questions.
  • NetworkWe are organizing annual conventions and network events.
  • InformationWe are providing news and updates to our members.

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    Use our secure contact form. All data you enter here will be transmitted to us in encrypted form!

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    Our Members at a Glance

    Allinox bvba
    Amefa Stahlwaren GmbH
    Bergner Europe S.L.
    Betty Bossi
    Brabantia International BV
    Chemours International Operations Sàrl
    C. Hermann Gross Metallwarenfabrik KG
    CIS France
    Comité Francéclat
    Cooper Coated Coil Ltd
    Cristel S.A.S.
    De Buyer Industries SAS
    DKB Household UK Ltd
    Engels & Hast GmbH
    Eternum S.A.
    FFC - Fédération Française de la Coutellerie
    Fissler GmbH
    Flügel CSS GmbH
    Guardini S.p.A.
    HFP Bandstahl GmbH
    Industrielack AG
    Isogona BRA SL
    Impact Innovation
    Kai Europe GmbH
    Kordun Marketing d.o.o.
    Kuhn Rikon AG
    LaTermoplastic F.B.M.
    Le Creuset SAS
    Mono GmbH
    Mori 2A
    Norbert Woll GmbH
    Opinel SAS
    PPG Industrial Coatings
    Sambonet Paderno Industrie S.p.A.
    SCANPAN Denmark
    Victorinox AG
    Weilburger Coatings GmbH
    WMF GmbH
    Zenker Backformen GmbH & Co. KG
    ZWILLING J.A. Henckels AG